Thursday, January 8, 2009

Katamommy Damacy

Now that ICandee Jr is here, I can't help but to play my favorite games with a more critical eye. Will I let her to play this when she's older? What is the content? Too scary, too violent, too stupid...etc etc...??? Games that are just bad in general she will obviously never play (I'm looking at you Perfect Dark Zero!) but since the topic of gaming is bound to come up once she's old enough to know what they are, I decided I might as well decide what games she'll be allowed to play now and save myself the headache later.

First on the list: the Katamari Damacy games. I love them: I think they're fun, colorful and quirky. Just like my baby...

Second, the Animal Crossing games. Might as well teach her what a mortgage is now...

RuFfNeCk has added the original Mario games to the list. What other games would you suggest for my child's early gaming education?
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