Thursday, January 18, 2007

I Am The Handheld Queen, I Can Do Anything!

Since my internet at home is still not working because some cosmic force does not want me on Xbox Live (Why God, why?), I decided to temporarily focus on some handheld gaming. (Because let's face it, 360 single player games are just not fun for me without "So-and-so is online" popping up every few seconds.) Thus, I have the following announcement:

I have BEAT Elite Beat Agents for the DS AND Me and My Katamari for the PSP. In your face broken cable modem! I finally conquered "Let's Dance" and was soon on my way to the "Boss" songs (for lack of a better term) and proceeded to kick the their butts too...OK, that was a lie...I beat the first "boss" song and have yet to beat "Jumpin' Jack Flash" which is impossible to beat because Elite Beat Agents are cheaters. There, I said it...At any rate, I'm counting EBA as done and done because I have now fully beat the game twice and am one song away from beating it a third time...This thing is B-E-A-T for me. lol

In Katamari news, one swollen thumb and 8-bit ending later, Me and My Katamari went on the finished list as well. Crappy-one-analog-stick-duh-Sony control scheme aside, this was a fun game and I will more than likely go back to it for more punishment in the future.

In conclusion, I may not be on Live but I'm not far behind...Cable Guy is suppose to be coming tonight to repair my modem and I will be back in the fray once again, shooting my team mates and blowing myself up with my own grenades...Woo hoo! See you on the battlefield...
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