Monday, January 29, 2007

The Birth of a Psychonaut and Other Beat Agents

You know how they say when a woman has a baby, that the labor hurts but then she forgets it and usually goes on to have more children? Well, I forgot how frustrating some parts of Psychonauts actually are simply because when it comes right down to it, the game itself is so much fun to play and worth the time invested in said playing. Ah well...such is the life of a Psychonaut...stupid theater for jerks...It is interesting to note however that there are a select few games which are excellent, they just happen to include incredibly difficult and/or frustrating sequences. Am I the only one that wanted to throw my controller out the window when Alpha-152 showed up in DOA4? Anyone else have games that would be included on both their "Favorite" and "Most Frustrating" lists?

Case in point, for all of those that assume that beating "Jumpin' Jack Flash" on Sweatin' difficulty in Elite Beat Agents would be easy, here's a video of a guy that actually does it. I'm pretty sure this guy made a "Faust" type of deal to be able to complete this song. He's pretty much my idol at this point...

In other news, I have once again been shut out from playing on Live. Apparently the cable for my internet connection is bad (as in shorted out not as in getting down with it's "bad" self) and tomorrow night it is going to be rewired. Thus, I am hoping to have a triumphant return to Xbox Live and there shall be much dancing and celebrating in the village to be had by all.
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