Saturday, January 13, 2007

Elite Beat Agents, You Just Made The List!

Since a broken cable modem has prevented me from getting on Xbox Live for the past week and it won't be fixed until sometime this coming week (ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!), I decided to focus all of my gaming energy on Elite Beat Agents for the DS. I finally beat the "Breezin'" and "Cruisin'" difficulties (in your face Nintendo!) only to unlock an even harder difficulty-"Sweatin'", led by some agent that looks like Macho Man Randy Savage. (Does anyone remember him? Does he still wrestle? Wait, why do I remember him?)
Anyhoo, I was doing pretty well on this go round (my third time playing through these songs I might add) until I got to "Let's Dance" which I think was written by Lucifer himself. I think it's humanly impossible to move the human hand that fast. I tried to get my dog, Lebowski to beat it for me but he just licked the touch screen. Lousy dog couldn't last 3 beats!
In conclusion, I hate Elite Beat Agents and everything it stands for...Darn you Elite Beat Agents! *shaking fist high above head* I will be victorious over you if it's the last thing I do!!!
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