Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mech-A-Lecka Hi, Mech-A-Hiney-Ho

ast night was the TehBias Night of the Hound...Chromehounds that is, where we are losing the war but kicking butt wherever we can. I got a chance to try out the machine guns on my hound and oh baby, it was sweet. I come from the gaming school of philosophy that says "A lot of bullets at one time is better". If I can run around spraying bullets, I'm a happy lady! Of course in Chromehounds, you don't really "run" anywhere. Currently I believe Sweet Pea (my pretty in pink hound) has a speed of 144, but I'll be darned if I've ever seen her get that fast. It tends to cause a problem when you're in J-3 and your Commander is telling you to get to A-2 to help your guys out (sorry Sean!).

But it was fun and I did get the chance to use my combo of machine guns and a grenade launcher. I need more of those I think...Can you have too many machine guns and grenade launchers? Never I say! Never!!!
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