Monday, August 28, 2006

ICandee's Top Five: Excuses Edition

Alright, alright, I haven't updated in a while. But I have a note from my mom excusing me from writing an entry in the last few days. In fact there are 5 good reasons I have not updated in a while, therefore may I present:

ICandee's Top Five Excuses For Not Posting a Blog Entry Recently

1. Texas Hold 'Em: This (!free!) Arcade game has been occupying what little time I've been on Live. I think it has something to do with the addictive quality of losing all your imaginary money. Reminds me of olden days when I would lose all my money in Monopoly but somehow the game still wouldn't end.

2. Blockbuster Online: I recently joined this online DVD rental club thing and let me tell you, if you join you will be frantically adding movies to your queue and watching them at light speed so that you can return them to get the next movies in said queue. Watching all those movies takes time that I would otherwise be on Live or writing for this here blog. I've been adding older movies to my queue for the most part, trying to remember ones I liked and/or scared the crap out of me when I was younger, i.e.-Freaky Friday (the good Jodie Foster version they used to show in school), Shag (filmed in Myrtle Beach where I used to go every year as a kid) and the Secret of NIMH which I still find horribly creepy. Which brings me to my next excuse...

3. Xanadu: OK, I remember seeing this movie on television when I was a kid so I decided to get it from Blockbuster Online. All I could remember about it was that Olivia Newton-John was in it and some guy rollerskates. Now that I've seen it again after all these years, all I can say is...actually there are no words. No wait, here's some words: Rollerskating, Michael Beck (who played the too cute leader of The Warriors) rollerskates and wears short-shorts while sporting a Farrah-do, Gene Kelly also rollerskates in this movie but in a tux (no short-shorts) and the most amazing end-of-movie number I've ever seen in my life (which includes: rollerskating, singing, dancing, costume changes and creepy 80's clothes and make up).

4. The Simpsons-Season Eight and Labor Day Visitors: Sorry, but when there's a new Simpsons season released on DVD, that's at least a week of watching every episode, then watching them again with commentary. (I am not ashamed, don't you judge me!) Plus, RuFfNeCk and Sean80 are coming down to spend Labor Day weekend here so I've been frantically trying to get my house in order. Yikes!

And last but not least:

5. Death Sucks: My grandmother died this past Thursday. I went to her funeral Saturday...Don't really have much to add about that.

So there you have it! ICandee's Top Fives Excuses For Not Posting In My Blog Recently or whatever the title of this thing is...yeesh...To help make up for it, here's that picture of Bob Ross again, he makes anyone feel better!

I'm off to make my rounds and see what y'all have been up to while I've been "away". Game on everyone!
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