Sunday, August 13, 2006

ICandee's Top Five: Blog Edition

I decided it was time for another Top Five entry and here it is: my current top five blogs. Now, I know here at Spaces we have many many many many many many excellent blogs and if this were a Top 100 Blog List, everyone I visit here on a regular basis would be on it. But this is a Top Five (I don't make the rules you know) so I've picked 2 well known industry blogs, one news blog, one Spaces blog and one blog that isn't a blog at all. These are 5 blog-ish type sites that I make a point to visit almost every day. Welcome to the madness...

ICandee's Top Five Blogs

1. Tim Schafer at Double Fine: This blog is technically a "news" area for the company that brought you Psychonauts, written by the man that brought you Grim Fandango. But I must say that Tim Schafer continues to make me laugh out loud and sometimes even cry in uncontrollable guffaws while reading his news blog. I check for updates every day.

2. Jay at The FNG-Spot: Jay has a really well rounded blog including gaming news, his own adventures in life and gaming and a lot of top secret information on products coming out for various consoles. Sometimes I visit just to see what his gamer score has risen to over any given day. :P It also helps that he is a truly nice guy. Yay Jay!

3. Matthew at Tech News and Blues: This is a news site done in blog format that includes anything techie right down to computers, movie reviews and commentaries on the game industry. Matthew and the gang over at Tech News and Blues always seem to have their finger on the pulse of what's currently going on and there's always something interesting to read over there. They also have podcasts available for your listening pleasure.

4. CliffyB at If you don't know who Cliffy B is, you need to leave right wait, come back! I always really enjoy reading the blogs of industry people, mainly because these are the people that give us Bottom Feeders our fix (read: games) and it's nice to know what goes on in their heads...sometimes. It also gives you the feeling that they're just like us...sort of. Cliffy B (who brought us Unreal and will be bringing on the Gears soon, woo hoo!) is a gamer that makes games. His blog is an interesting mix of what's going on in the industry, what he's working on, what he's playing and he even provides advice on getting into the industry.

5. Gordon Frohman at Concerned: OK, this isn't a blog but for anyone that has played Half Life 2 or knows anything about the game, they need to be a regular reader of this comic.
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