Friday, June 1, 2007

ICandee's Top Five: I've Been Playing! Edition

Well with RuFfNeCk the Fiance moving in last weekend, there's been practically no time for gaming, much less blogging. /end excuse

But that was then, now that he's here we can get on with the gaming! (Especially since he brought a PS3 and Wii with him, woo hoo!) So here's the June 1st Edition of my Top Five:

ICandee's Top Five: What I Been Playing Edition

1. Ninja Gaiden Sigma (demo on PS3): I never played the original but this looks good. I like button mashing which served me well until I got to the Boss. Oh well, still fun. (of course, it's last-gen-Xbox-now-next-gen-PS3-duh-huh fun but whatever...)

2. Mad Tracks (demo on XBLA): How cute is this game? I've only played the demo on XBLA but I really enjoyed it. I had the most fun with the "dodge the ball" game. Had I the points, I would have bought it. :P

3. Resistance Fall of Man (PS3): OK, I didn't play this so much as watch RuFfNeCk play it but I got the general gist. Looks pretty good although I was expecting better but the weapons are cool and it had a very Call of Duty feel to it in my most humble opinion.

4. Halo 3 beta (Xbox 360 via Crackdown): OK, again, didn't play this myself but I had a house full of guys last weekend and they played the tar out of it. Very fun to watch and I love watching good Halo players play. There's something about watching someone running, picking up weapons, strafing and getting the kill in virutally one fluid movement that fascinates me. But I think the best part was some guy sending me a friend request (thinking that I personally was the one that schooled him in a few matches) and then sending me a picture of what I'm assuming he hopes I believe to be his torso. Classy...I of course declined the friend invite...

5. Shadowrun (Xbox 360): You know, it's never a good sign when no one reviews your game when it comes out. WTF? But I had seen the game being played and it intrigued me. The difficulty came in when RuFfNeCk and I couldn't decide whether to share one copy or buy two. Our sensible sides won out and we got only one. This game is a lot of fun. I quite enjoy teleporting around and that shotty is powerful as all get out, in your face AI bot for jerks! I may just venture into the unwashed masses to play this one as I'm not sure anyone else I know is getting it. (Might be nice for IGN to review the 360 version instead of wasting time bitching that they can't hook up the PC version) But I guess that's moot anyway since I already have it and I'm liking it. Up yours reviewers that don't review!
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