Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fight For Your Right to Mario Party

Well, Sean80 sold his Wii, TormentX couldn't get rid of his fast enough and I'm looking at our Wii wondering what the heck I can play on it. I almost passed out from playing Super Monkey Ball last weekend (Red Light, Green Light is stressful) and although I am hoping to finally get the courage to play Resident Evil 4 Wii at some point (I'm notoriously chicken when it comes to horror games) I was at a loss to find something truly addictive and fun to play on the Wii...

Enter Mario Party 8

I love this game! Where the heck was I for the last seven? This game to me is the Wii seller (assuming you're looking for group play). The games are long though and have that "Monopoly-go on forever and ever feel" which isn't a bad thing I'm sure. So if you're looking for a great group/party game and unlike Sean80 and TormentX your Wii is still intact-make sure to grab a copy of Mario Party 8!

P.S.-Yes the pink-burn your retinas-theme is back...oh how I missed you Pinky!

P.P.S.-I can hear my fiance, RuFfNeCk in the other room yelling at Prince of Persia for the XBLA. I think I just heard him say, "You stupid British &*%$ sucker!" Which is weird since the Prince is obviously Persian. Hey Honey, who needs to calm down now? In your face Sweetie!
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