Monday, October 5, 2009

Zombies Get Fit

It seems like people are peeing themselves over vampires (*yawn*) and zombies at the moment. Twilight has taken over like a bad rash and new zombie survival guides are hitting the shelves everyday. All is not lost however because Zombie Apocalypse for the Xbox Live arcade is awesome.

Think of it like Gauntlet...with zombies. Plus, I can blow things up, double weld AND pitch zombies into those trash compactor things they use for cars. The multiplayer is awesome as well. It's so satisfying to shoot through the zombie pile up currently suffocating your partner. It's 800 points so just buy it now and thank me later.

Also, Wii Fit Plus is oot and aboot (as my dear Canadian chums would say) and it is a pretty good improvement over the first one. Calories are now counted, all of the games are unlocked from the beginning (finally!) and your Mii still looks suicidal when they're stomach swells after your weigh-in.

Gaming is good.


  1. When it games to gaming Zombies rule over Vampires. In real life though Id rather party all night ans sleep all day.
    As far as Wii Fit is concerned I found EA Active be far more of a true workout and I highly recomend it over Wii Fit, if thats what you looking for ......

  2. If you like zombie games, check out I Made a Game with Zombies in it! available as a community game on Xbox live.


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