Saturday, October 31, 2009

ICandee's Top Five: Games Halloween Style

I ain't afraid of no ghosts! Wait...yes I am.

Anyone who has kept up with this ole blog of mine knows that me and scary games do not mix. I don't care how crappy the graphics are or how stupid the story is, I do not like being scared. Period. Funny enough, I enjoy watching other people play scary games...a video game voyeur if you will. And yes, I realize what a wussy I am so don't bother pointing that out. :P So since it's Halloween I thought I'd list the Top Five scary games I will never ever play but love dearly anyway. Wait, a Top Five? Yikes, I have not done a Five in forever so let's get it on:

ICandee's Top Five: Scary Games That Scare Me and I Will Never Play Them But They're Still Kinda Cool

1. Bioshock

This is the one game that makes me ashamed to be a scary game wuss, I love this game so much! I think this game has the best atmosphere, the best music and sound but alas...too many creepy things jumping out at me and no friendly A.I. to send in the room ahead me to see if it's safe to go in.

2. Resident Evil 4

I watched my boss (at the time) play through this game three or four times and it creeped me out every time. Part of it was the seemingly average zombie-like people that would starting running at you out of nowhere, part of it was blowing someone's head off and having some possessed plant shoot out of their neck holes and part of it was how stupid Ashley kept getting herself killed. Then there were the freaky burlap chainsaw people. Yikes.

3. Silent Hill

I don't care which one you pick from this series, walking around an alledgely abandoned anything makes you wish Scooby Doo and the gang would walk around the corner with some old guy in a mask and make it all go away. The monsters in this series is what does it. Ewwwwww...

4. Fatal Frame

I admit it, this is a game about being in a house with a camera and it only took about 10-15 minutes and the first ghost going past for me to say, "I'm done!" and off it went back to the person I borrowed it from...done and done!

5. Perfect Dark Zero

Come on, the game that was suppose to be the app killer at the 360 launch was scary and you know it. It almost made me resort to playing Madden for Pete's sake! Just thinking about this game gives me the shivers...

So there you have it. Now I know I can't be the only one that can't hold her fear. What are your scariest games?

Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Great list. I especially love no. 5. lol I might add a couple more to the list, i.e. Left 4 Dead and Dead Space but they're all very scary games, which I LOVE!!!

  2. Yeah number 5 was "scary"......

  3. Silent Hill 2..One of my all-time personal favorites! Good pics!

  4. Good list - always enjoyed the Resident Evil games. I've never played Fatal Frame - must give it a go sometime.

    Aliens V Predator on the PC could be quite scary too.

    Did anyone get scared playing on any Retro Computers?


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