Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh Snap, Where Are the Presents?

So today is my birthday and all I want to do is get some gaming in at some point. I've been relegated to playing either ICandee Jr-friendly games or not gaming at all since she arrived and while I'm more than happy to put gaming aside in favor of raising my child...it's time to blow something up.

So I've got my copy of Brutal Legend, still in the plastic just waiting for me to wail on it and RuFfNeCk is picking up Borderlands today. I also feel the need to throw some zombies into a car compactor in Zombie Apocalypse. So I guess we'll see what happens, my vote is for RuFfNeCk to take ICandee Jr out of hearing range so I can get my grenading-naughty-bad-gaming-cussing-blowing-up goodness on.


P.S.-Finally caught "Fanboys" last night. Not bad, very cute.

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  1. Happy B-day and Fanboys RULED ! (Im a SW GEEK)


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