Saturday, June 21, 2008

All Knocked Up and Nothing to Play

My gaming A.D.D. is at an all time high. How is it that I want to get into a game and find myself with nothing to play? I'm stuck at this boss in Puzzle Quest (Puzzle Quest of all games!), Lego Indiana Jones and I are involved in a love/hate relationship (RuFfNeCk says when I play the game it goes from an E rating to a AO rating with all the cussing that occurs) and everything else just isn't grabbing me. You know, I used to look at my closet like this and I've come to realize that not only has our gaming shelf taken my closet's place but that the shelf gets all the money my closet used to come to expect...

Not that I'm complaining!

In conclusion, photographic evidence that I've got nothing to play:

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