Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Little From Column A, A Little From Column B

With E3 beginning, every blog and their grandmother is going to be writing about what's going on, therefore I am not going to bring you up to the minute news on E3...mainly because I don't get paid to do that so I'm not going to do it (in your face Corporate America!)...I'm also still bitter that I'll never be a booth babe since they decimated the size of E3, so although I will be watching, reading and waiting, there are hundreds of other fabulous blogs you can read for your news. I'm here to bring you the non-news...so hang on to your controllers because here we go!

1. I played my first PC game last night! American McGee's Alice. I must say that it's fabulously creepy and has a very cool art style. Only problem is that the whole "W-S-A-Damn I Can't Do This" controls that ruined it for me. I was backing Alice up like a Mac Truck trying to get her to turn around and ended up getting stuck in some sort of slime lake that I couldn't jump out of (I kept forgetting to move forward with "W" after hitting the space bar to jump) while stupid card guys pelted me with a fireball or something. You know, (at least for me) PC gaming is like driving a stick and console gaming is like driving an automatic. So a little practice is in order but it's a bruise to the pride when you can't play a cool game only because your fingers won't cooperate.

Interesting side note: As we're looking through all of RuFfNeCk's PC games to decide what would be best for me to try, he noticed that "Alice" is rated M for "Animated Violence and Animated Blood and Gore". Then he noticed that Call of Duty is rated T for "Blood and Violence". Ummmm...wha?

2. TMNT for the 360-Yes, yes a virtual shooting achievements in a barrel type of game, but it is fun to play. It's also even more fun because I rented it free with my Blockbuster Online monthly coupon that I can use on a game or movie. Woo! (I just realized that there's quite a bit of product placement in my blog as of late...I think I'm due some sort of compensation...or at least an article written about me called "Gaming and Blogs: Have Advertisers Gone Too Far?")

3. I was a member of Face Book for about 2 minutes before I was lost in a sea of confusion and deactivated my account. Sorry guys, I just don't get it...Do I have to use "W" to move forward? :P

4. Wowowowowow-I got my second achievement in DOAX2 the other night: all of Kokoro's suits. Woo hoo! Is there an achievement for most hours wasted in a game for nothing? Ah who cares-second achievement!!!

There's more but I'll save it for next time...Game on y'all (and a very merry E3!)!
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