Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Minor Celebrities and Major Weeds

My last entry regarding my Top 5 Comfort Games reminded me that I actually hadn't picked up Animal Crossing Wild World in a while (3 months actually as my villagers were so kind to point out to me every 2 seconds). So from 2/11 when that entry was posted until tonight: I have been de-weeding my village. *shudder* I was really wishing I had the Action Replay DS that turns weeds into goldbags...that would have much more fun and I could have gone shopping at Nook's instead of spending all of my time pulling weeds and kissing my villagers' backsides since I've been away so long...Oh AC:WW, how I love thee!

In other exciting news (that actually is more exciting than the news of my weedy village) TormentX's first episode of Minor Celebrities is up on You Tube, woo hoo! Check it out here or you can also watch it via TormentX's fabulous blog here.
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