Saturday, September 9, 2006

Much Ablog About Nothing

I have been so addicted to Animal Crossing: Wild World lately that that has been almost all I've been doing with my "gaming time". Although I did put some time in with the PGR3 UNO deck and I have to say: I liked it, although the music got to me after a while. PGR3 will always remind me of Thanksgiving: I rented the game on Thanksgiving day after the 360 launch. Oh memories! Xbox Live Marketplace videos have also been stealing my attention such as the Viva Pinata video "sneak peeks" of the TV show which is shaping up to be a pretty cute I think and of course the Battlestar Galactica videos...enough said there, the show is awesome. Chris bought me a copy of Pirates! for the Xbox and I have to say that I think this game was a little overlooked when it originally came out. The learning curve on this game is a bitch, but once you get used to the controls, it quickly gets addictive! The Simpsons 18th season starts this Sunday and I couldn't be happier! (Well, I probably could be happier, but I'm still pretty happy about it) IGN Weekly talked about DOAX2 and once they got around to showing their segment with Itagaki, I am still super excited about this game. Yay Thanksgiving release! The pink DS is coming soon and I'm still trying to donate enough blood to have the money to get it. I'm just so happy they're actually releasing any other colors that I may just stand the in store and stare at the boxes a while. Then I'll elbow a 8 year old and 60 year old out of my way so I get mine before they're sold out. That's just life for a gamer...
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