Monday, July 24, 2006

The Joys Of Cloning

OK, I realize that I have not been updating much recently, but I have good reason: Cloning Clyde has taken over my brain. Must finish every challenge...must be under par time...must throw controller when I miss a jump and get sucked into that pipe again...What a great little game!

I watched Final Fantasy: Advent Children over the weekend. I have never played a FF game, but I read up on FF VII to make sure I halfway knew what was going on in the movie. I, of course had absolutely no idea what was going on even after reading about FF VII, but this is the prettiest movie I've seen in a long long time. Worth a rental at least in my most humble opinion.

For those that have asked about the Apple Store: it was very cool. The structure itself is amazing because all you see when you first look at it is a glass building with nothing in it. Once you walk in you see the stairs to take you down underground to the actual store. I don't really have any Apple/Mac products myself, but the store is very cool!

Speaking of New York: Time once again for "ICandee's Random Pictures of New York"! Check out this family of skunks on display at the American Museum of Natural History...yay taxidermy!
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