Friday, July 28, 2006

Day of the D'Oh!

Well, I hope everyone got to take a gander at the Comic Con Simpsons animatics I posted yesterday because Fox has gotten them taken off of You Tube for copyright issues. D'oh!

If I'm not mistaken, when Super Princess Peach came out for the DS, one of the main complaints about the game was that it was too easy. Either I was too cocky about the game once I read that or I just plain suck because it took me multiple tries just to get past the first boss. (Seriously, I mean WTF?!) D'oh!

I watched Super Size Me last night and decided I would never eat fast food again....Well, after today's lunch at Jack In The Box of course. D'oh!

In other news, it's that time again! Now presenting "ICandee's Random Pictures of NY" starring me, ICandee! Actually, I'm not in these pictures, (no, no...don't cry!) but they're still pretty cool I think. One of the costumes and some of the crystal/kryptonite props from Superman Returns. These are on display at Toys R Us in New York City.
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