Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I Fought The GRAW and the GRAW Won...Again...

Last night we tried out a little "Firefight" co-op elimination in GRAW using the new maps and one of the re-lit maps. Once again it occured to me how much I want to marry this game and let it knock me up.

Slight wrinkle in the wedding plans however as Ubisoft is making it increasingly difficult for me to continue to defend them. When the Chapter 2 content was announced, we knew it would hurt in the points department, but when the final point price was given many gamer friends I know blew a gasket. Me, not so much for the simple fact that I love GRAW and am willing to pay whatever for new content. I also felt that developers have every right to ask for money for content they've spent time making and although spending those points hurt, I thought it was well worth it seeing as how I worship this game.

Unfortunately I have since found out that if you do not have the Chapter 2 content (which some gamers have chosen not to buy simply on principle), you cannot join any host's game if they do have the content. This applies even when the host is using the old maps. You can host a game, but you cannot join anyone else's if they have the new content. The reason I know this is that one of my friends does not have the DLC for GRAW. When he was having trouble joining games he contacted Ubisoft Support and was informed:

Unfortunately, you will not be able to connect to servers that have the DLC purchased. There are no plans to change this feature at this time."

Oh Ubisoft...silly game company...please quit giving my friends ammunition with which to shoot your foot with, it's becoming hard to defend ye.
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