Friday, January 1, 2010

Let's Get It On 2010!

A brand new year means brand new games! A new year to be filled with grenades, flame throwers and guns with many many bullets. Plus more katamari! More health potions! More braaaaaaains! And if there is truly a God, a sequel!

Yeah, yeah that's probably asking too much but it was better than Bloodrayne and that got a sequel so why not dream big?

Where was I?

Oh right, new year's stuff. Anyhoo, here's to 2010 and my hope that I can actually play some games this year!

Game on everyone!


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  2. I was just thinking too that I need to lay into some games this year. Having a 15 month old son, and another son due in June, I purposely cut way back on stuff in life to allow myself more free time to spend with them. My pile of shame has toppled over it is so large. But that doesn't mean that nap time can't also be "Battlefield" time! He gets a cookie and a nap, I get some alone time to snipe punks.


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