Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pick Up and Play...For About Five Minutes

Ever since ICandee Jr came on the scene, I've had little (if any) time for gaming. When I do have time, I've been gravitating to puzzle games (or the old standby-Katamari) because it's a way to get some sort of gaming in and at the same time it's something I can drop quickly should the need arise (i.e.-ICandee Jr deciding that 10 minutes of sleep is more than enough for one day).

When company comes over, if we're lucky enough to talk them into playing something, it's usually Rock Band, Scene It or Mario Party. Which those are fun, don't get me wrong but anyone that has read this blog for any amount of time knows me well enough to figure my need to blow something up is getting hard to repress at this point.

I tried to distract myself by trying out Yosumin! for the Xbox Live Arcade but...I don't know...not enough blow torches for me. Sometimes I do miss the days of staying up until God knows when playing G.R.A.W. or Burnout Revenge and taking out my friends (and yes, more than once-myself).

Oh well, new chapter and all that I suppose. One day ICandee Jr will be old enough for me to tell her to go play outside while Mommy shoots things. Let's see...she's 8 months old now so I should be able to do that when? In another month or so, right?

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