Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dumb ICandee vs 100 Smarty Pants

Well the beta of 1 vs 100 is upon us and hello, free game to play! I didn't get in the first night but RuFfNeCk did so I just watched him play and was a little disappointed actually. He was getting questions like, "1 + 1 = what?" and "What color is red?" I swear it was right out of Will Ferrell's Jeopardy or something!

So needless to say when I got into the beta the second night, I may have been slightly over confident in my high school education and memory there of. I got questions like, "What is 1958746246fnj4692 divided by 7456393i769302j?" and "Describe, in 5,000 words or more, three improvements to transportation in early 19th century America and how each benefited farms and factories?"

Okay, there may be a slight exaggeration there but come on! I thought myself quite the intelligent person until 1 vs 100 quickly kicked me off my high horse and ran me over with it.

I cannot be the only one that's been sitting on my couch the past couple of nights with a puzzled look on my face, wishing I had a I???


  1. We tried the Canadian beta a few weeks ago. I thought it was a very fun game! And the same thing happened as well! The first night, both Jeremy and I kept saying "the questions are really easy". We also had major connection issues as more people joined in on the beta but that's a whole other story ;)

    The next time, only Jeremy played and I was watching. Both of us noticed how much harder the questions were! I had a puzzled look on my face too at some of the questions ;)

  2. Well I think I have one or two more nights to try it and find out how little I know about trivia. The title of the blog post is priceless by the way !

  3. I love the 1 vs. 100 Beta. Sometimes I find the question difficulty can really change just from round to round. Chris and I played last week and the first round I played really kicked my ass and the second round, I did much better. Lots of fun though. :)


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