Wednesday, July 9, 2008

No Time for Love Dr Jones!

RuFfNeCk walked into the room last night with a brand new copy of Unreal Tournament III for the 360. I promptly shouted, “yoink!” as I took it from him and said, “So long sucker!” to Lego Indiana Jones (at least for now).

So how come no one told me about Unreal Tournament before??? Hello??? (And yes, I have been living in a cave) This game is awesome! All run and gun, all the time! Lots of explosions, body parts flying everywhere…wowowowowowowow! And that was before I discovered the Link Gun…hello Lover! This may be the game that actually renews my interest in multiplayer…hmmmm, we’ll see…

ICandee’s Random Thought of the Day: headless animal crackers still weird me out.
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