Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pregnant Gamers For The Win!

I finally decided that it was time to really start playing games again and I think the baby is giving me super gaming strength because I totally whomped everyone's online backside in Mario Kart for the Wii. In your face anonymous kart drivers!

RuFfNeCk has been GTA'ing himself into oblivion every night and has asked me to try it out. Here's where it gets tricky: I've never played a GTA game before. Not because I find it objectionable and not because I'm one of those gamers that will only play "Arty-No-One-Knows-About-
It-So-It's-Cooler-Than-All-Other-Games" games but I've never played GTA for one simple reason: sandbox. I'm not the Leader of Linear by any means but I can't have free reign in a game. I start 20 missions and completing none *cough*Oblivion*cough* and I wind up wandering around endlessly, laughing as I chase people around with a flamethrower while avoiding the cops. *cough*Crackdown*cough* I say give me the illusion of freedom while secretly leading me around by the nose *cough*Call of Duty 2*cough* and I'm a happy woman...well, I am a little happier if I have a flamethrower...
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