Monday, December 25, 2006

With Katamaris Dancing In My Head

I'm writing to you from the Land of Window Displays (otherwise known as New York). Here I shall spend my Christmas, far away from 60-some degree weather and fried food...
But none of that matters now! Because I am not alone in New York, no never! I have brought a new friend along with me and although this could be a sweet mushy blog entry where I'm talking about my fiance alas this is not to be. For my new friend was given to me by my Boss under the name "Christmas Bonus". And the newest addition to the ICandee Gaming Family is...the PSP!
You know, I actually considered posting a picture of me licking my new PSP but that's been done...And a special thanks to my Man who ran right out and bought me "Me and My Katamari"...He knows me so well...
Shine on you crazy diamond! Roll on you katamari! And last but not least Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Bunnies Can't Stand Christmas
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