Friday, November 13, 2009

Animal Cross(ing) Over

I have been dying to create and crochet some Animal Crossing toys. I don't care how long I play this game, it still is just the cutest little 'ole game and it needs to be recreated in yarn form (actually, what doesn't?)

Thus my plan to start crocheting and take over the world create some cute little what nots. I started with Blanca, the no-face cat that wanders around your town from time to time but I could not, for the life of me, get her frakking ears to match so I moved on to a simple bag of bells which I was much more successful with:

Now, it's not perfect but I'm quite pleased with my first attempt. The color of the bag is totally off but I didn't have any golden yarn handy. I have this stuffed rather than an actual bag you could use but I'm thinking to make the next one bigger so you could carry it as a purse/bag or whatever.


Yes, quite satisfied with this for right now...

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  1. Reading your post makes me want to play Animal Crossing! It has been so long since I played & I'm quite sure my town will be in need of some weeding and I am going to get yelled at by my neighbors ;) I've put the Wii version on my Christmas list. The DS version though...oh how I can keep going back to playing that! It really is the game that never ends.

    Now to go hunt up my DS...


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