Monday, December 8, 2008

The Sophisticate and the Lumberjack

I'm convinced that there are two types of gamers in terms of how they play games: the Sophisticate and the Lumberjack.

There are those gamers that like to leap before they look, that live for a machine gun, some grenades and a flame thrower. They dread sniper or escort missions because these missions slow down what they've come to do: kill in large numbers as fast as humanly possible. No time for blocking, typically the Lumberjack likes to hit as many buttons on the controller at once, a "button masher" if you will, and has no time for dilly dally, such as enjoying fine looking scenery or listening to entire conversations before hitting the A button. Kill! Kill! Kill!

Then you have the Sophisticate. They like to make plans before a mission. Getting their weapons nicely loaded, making sure their health is at full capacity and always check out surroundings through the scope on their sniper rifle before moving in for the kill. They prefer to attack from afar and will learn every combo in existence in order to maximize enemy damage when they do come into close combat. They thrill at the knowledge that they must use cunning and hit a button to block enemy strikes. They love the dance of combat: block-two-three, hack-two-three, block-two-three, slash-two-three...

Neither style is wrong mind you, as long as the gamer enjoys the game, it makes no difference how the game is played.

My point is this: the new Prince of Persia game is pretty, has great humor and a good story but I don't dig the combat. I am a Lumberjack and proud of it...

ICandee SMASH!!!
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